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Sterek AU: Deputy Derek and the Sheriff have been working on a particularly hard case for a few months. This meant a lot of late nights working at the Sheriff’s house. Unfortunately for Derek this also meant a lot of time spent getting hit on by the Sheriff’s teenage son. Which was totally annoying and definitely not adorable, or flattering, or in any way tempting. Nope. Definitely not that.




one of the worst things about becoming educated on social issues is when people are like ‘you used to have a sense of humor’

no i used to have internalized prejudices which i’ve worked really hard to overcome and i realize now that your jokes are shitty

Always reblog this because becoming more socially aware makes you dislike a lot of people

And makes a lot of people dislike you


Anonymous asked:

I don't understand what happened with the whole dashcon thing like wtf happened


u can go into the dashcon tag to learn more but basically here’s the gist of it

  • there was a tumblr-themed convention (not endorsed by tumblr) that was being held this weekend in chicago (i think??)
  • it was centered around the superwholock fandoms and was basically a huge embarrassing shitfest
  • the dashcon people expected 3,000-7,000 people to show up but apparently less than 1,000 did lmao
  • the con was being run by a bunch of teenagers and like one adult with a vague hospitality management background and was destined to fail from the start BUT!!!! we didn’t anticipate actually how much it would fuck up
  • so apart from the convention being a bunch of screaming 13-15 yr olds running around and being obnoxious, it featured classic panels such as “bdsm 101”, “english men with….. cheekbones”, “can you knot? (exploring a/b/o dynamics)”, “demon hunting in stilettos”, “dramatic fanfiction readings”, and “finding homoerotic subtext”. these are 100% real. google them.
  • the dashcon people hyped up this bounce house and ball pit room as like the main attraction of the con and it was literally a children’s inflatable pool filled with plastic balls sitting in the middle of this huge, empty room with like 5 homestuck cosplayers sitting in it. and apparently someone pissed in it.
  • and it gets more fucked up
  • so on the first night of the convention, the dashcon people pulled everyone out of the panels and had them gather in this big room and basically started crying about how the con would get shut down if they didn’t raise $17,000 within the next half hour
  • and since tumblr is tumblr, and tumblr is embarrassing and dumb, they donated the money
  • it was basically a huge scam bc it was all done through paypal and the con promised to refund all of the money but literally what they did was pass around a piece of paper and have people write down their email and how much they donated. that’s it.
  • it was just a sketchy deal in general because in order to host a convention like this, you have to pay the hotel/venue well in advance. the sudden need for $17,000 is really sketchy and their explanation was even sketchier.
  • so basically they provided this “letter”, which looks incredibly fake and has 90% of the text blacked out, from the “hotel” basically saying that they need $17k or the con would be shut down. 
  • it looked like someone opened a microsoft word template and wrote “marriot” at the top and somehow thought that it would look legit
  • and then they started crying about how the hotel was discriminating against them because of their fandoms and blah blah fucking blah basically they played that up for sympathy and somehow the idiots on this website fell for it
  • and as if that wasn’t enough drama and sketchiness, the welcome to night vale people were scheduled to do a panel, and it was basically the main panel of the entire con, and they straight up walked out because the dashcon people couldn’t pay them. and then the dashcon people had the audacity to call them con artists.
  • and apparently they were letting underage people into 18+ panels but idk if that was ever confirmed
  • but yeah that’s it i think?? it was basically sketchy as fuck and i wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up being 100% a scam
  • like there was something similar that happened in florida kind of recently where someone staged a fake con and charged everything to paypal and promised that all of this awesome shit would happen, but it didn’t, and the guy who did it basically got away with over $50,000 and hasn’t faced legal action bc the disputes couldn’t be settled over paypal
  • so this would definitely not be the first time that this sort of thing happened



Fox News spent a segment mocking and laughing at Illinois State University’s decision to accommodate LGBT students with all-gender restroom signs, stating, “we’re all a little confused by it.”

Turns out, a lot of people don’t share Fox’s bewilderment. 

The following day, host Steve Doocy conducted man-on-the-street interviews with the sign, asking random “Fox fans” what they thought it meant. 

Much to Fox’s dismay, not a single fan (including a young boy) responded to the question with the confusion and outrage that Fox expected. 

Watch the full interview — it’s pretty great. 

Womp womp

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